0 20 April, 2017

HOPES EXPerience: Dr Nagore Fernández

We had been thinking about organising a series of interviews for a long time. The result is HOPES EXPerience and the idea is to raise the profile and provide a platform for the medical professionals who work with us day after day. After all, our users are also our greatest allies along the road to instilling an innovation-based management culture in the healthcare system. Besides creating a community, we think this blog format is a great way of sharing HOPES user experiences. To start the project, we are highly honoured to interview Dr Nagore Fernández-Llanio, deputy head of the Rheumatology Department at Arnau de Vilanova Hospital in Valencia, Spain. Rheumatology is Dr Fernández-Llanio’s vocation and profession. After finishing her medical studies at Navarre University and completing her specialist training at Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital in Santander, she did not hesitate to pack her bags and move to Valencia with her one-year-old daughter at the request of Dr José Andrés Roman Ivorra, then Head of the Rheumatology Department at Peset Hospital.

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0 12 July, 2016

HOPES EXPerience: Dr Amparo Ybañez

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to talk to Dr Amparo Ybañez Garcia, assistant rheumatologist at the Doctor Peset hospital in Valencia. Dr Ybañez studied medicine at Valencia University and specialised at the San Juan de Dios Hiospital (now called Valencia el Mar Hospital) whilst Dr Daniel Montaner Agusti was head of the department.

Good morning Dr Ybañez and many thanks for allowing us to interview you in your surgery. After finishing your medical studies you did your specialisation training along a different route from the MIR medical resident intern, didn’t you?

Yes, that’s right. I didn’t do MIR training because according to Speciality Law RD 127/1984 then in force, 5% of graduates with a certain type of training could become certified specialists by passing an exam – a different procedure from the one in force now.

How long have you been the assistant doctor here at Doctor Peset Hospital?

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