PORIB obtains innovative SME certification

0 19 May, 2017

PORIB has recently obtained the innovative SME certification from EQA (the first entity accredited by the National Entity of Accreditation, ENAC, to certify the Innovative SME according to the Specification EA 0047). The SME Innovation label is a recognition that the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) grants to companies that comply with this profile in order to make a positive discrimination on which to establish a policy that helps their growth and sustainability. Therefore, it is a recognition attached to Public Registry. To access such registration and access to their respective tax advantages, one of the access routes is to be certified as such by a company accredited by ENAC. The innovative SME certificate is based on the EA 0047 specification, this tool allows, in addition to establishing a border between companies that may or may not be considered small and medium sized innovative companies, establish an assessment of excellence and better identify areas for improvement .

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0 18 May, 2017

Last Thursday, May 11, in the Auditorium of the Polytechnic City of Innovation, was held the V Conference on Technology at the service of Health, a reference meeting for professionals of the health sector in the city of Valencia.

These days serve as a meeting point and networking for professionals in the sector, and this year’s motto was the transformation and search for a sustainable model based on efficiency, supported by new technologies and the increasingly relevant preventive medicine and personalized medicine.

PORIB, through its CEO Antonio Morrajas, participated in the first roundtable of the event, entitled “Sustainable Sanitary Management”, introducing the concept of sustainability of health systems, and later acting as moderator of the following interventions .

From these lines, we would like to thank Banco Sabadell for the invitation, and for Antonio Reig and the Polytechnic University of Valencia for this great initiative.

Valencia, May 18, 2017

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0 28 April, 2017
With the aim of bringing its students from the baccalaureate to the professional environment and orient them towards their university education, Cumbres School launches the Work Experience program every year. For a week their students know and live the reality of different Valencian companies.
We have had the pleasure of receiving Alicia and Victoria and we wish them to successfully finish their formative phase, who knows if they will one day return as professionals …
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